NOTICE:  Due to Kimberly's health at this time, she has paused and removed all one on one sessions from her offerings until further notice. Her Self-Mastery courses (below) are a great tool for those on the ascension path seeking to supplement personal coaching. If you'd like to offer support for Kimberly's cancer cause, there is a donate button at the bottom of the page. She thanks you for all the love, support, and understanding you have extended during this difficult time.

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Heal your Oh Father wounds. Stop letting others push you over the Borderline. Speak your truth and Express Yourself. Let go and learn the Power of Goodbye. Stand on your own and release the Rescue Me mentalityWhen you fall down, get up again Over and Over. Harness your true power and never have to Justify Your Love. Balance your inner Masculine and Feminine energies. Own What it Feels like for a Girl. Rediscover yourself... Who's that Girl (or Guy)? Love yourself and get Crazy for YOU. Take a Holiday from overthinkingFeel gratitude and Cherish all that you are and have in the now. Open Your Heart to loveMaster your energy and get Into the Groove. Set your intentions Like a Prayer. Shine like a Ray of Light. Invite in your Soul Tribe. Attract True Blue friends and relationships. Integrate the 5D and the 3D like a true Spiritual Material Girl or Guy. Live the life of your DREAMS!

Sessions are held via free tele/video conference. Call-in details will be emailed to you upon booking. 

All sessions are Eastern (New York) time; if you are booking from another time zone,

please use the converter here to ensure your appointment is scheduled correctly.

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